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new blush bunch from benefit cosmetics | worth the money?

If there is something I love more than makeup and skincare, it would definitely be miniature sized items (you know the ones that sucker you in before the cash registers? Yeah, those!). You can sell me anything that has a fun-sized option. Take the Benefit Cosmetics The Blush Bunch as an example; this is an adorable travel-friendly set of blushers and bronzers that caught my eye because of how cute these little compacts looked. They come in their own individual compact which gives you the flexibility to mix and match if you plan to travel light and only want to bring a couple shades. I initially saw this online and was devastated when they sold out. Luckily, one of the stores near me had a couple left in stock so I was able to take a set home with me!  

Why Salicylic acid is good for your skin | The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution

A recent love of mine has been the Salicylic acid 2% solution from The Ordinary (read more about this brand here). I will admit that I was a bit nervous to use this as any product with the word “acid” in it kind of freaks me out. However, after researching Salicylic acid, I realized that if used correctly, it would become an ally for my skin. I also realized that it’s not just for acne. My pores need some Salicylic loving too!

Sephora Haul - VIB Sale April 2018

The bi-annual Sephora sale (15% off entire order) kicked off yesterday and if you’ve seen my Instagram story, you would have seen my top 5 sale recommendations. I usually take advantage of the discount to stock up on some favourite products but also to pick up some new items to try out. Today, I decided to do a post about the new items I picked up during the April Sephora VIB sale.